Our reality based training has made us an internationally  recognized industry leader. As such Survival Training School of California(STSC) has provided training for; The US Navy, US Marines, US Air Force, California Department of Justice, Stanford University, Joshua Tree National Park's Desert Institute and more. Come see why the best choose STSC.

STSC operates Ca's largest survival training program, including Ca's only field course. From minimalist field training to map & compass navigation; STSC has offerings for a wide range of training needs. We encourage  critical thinking and hands on practice, and we train in all weather conditions- year round.

On all STSC courses individual student attention and success comes first.

A good portion of STSC courses are custom/private arrangements, and we specialize in forming a unique curriculum to meet our client's needs. Instructors are available for travel anywhere in the world, indoors or out. From Ford Motor Company to the US Navy, we've worked with the best.

"We are the experts at making you the expert."

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"The instruction during your course was extraordinary... and earned the respect of the Marines" 
-JJ Carrol,
Commanding Officer, USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center
"Welcome To The Only School Doing It For Real"
Cross the world's hottest desert with little more than a knife? 50 miles through the mountains with no food, water, or gear? Been there, done that, verified it with the US Military & International press.
Next Open Courses:
*2 Day Intro To Outdoor Survival & Disaster Preparedness in San Diego
*7 Day Cross-Climate Skills Course  September 20-26  

*Cold Weather Field Course; First Weekend of December!


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