"On behalf of the Palm Springs Mounted Police SAR Unit, I want to thank you for an outstanding day of instruction. We can immediately apply what we learned from you and will incorporate your techniques in our training and rescues."  

-Lieutenant Joe Aguanno, Palm Springs Mounted Police Search & Rescue Unit

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Train with the best- anywhere, Anytime

The modern age has met the old. Even the most elite universities today offer distance learning courses for their students. The technology is now here to offer fully functional distance learning courses for real world survival skills training. If you have a phone, you can now train personally with our lead instructors. Members will not only receive written materials, but hours of video, and even personal video training sessions. Set up your phone, perform your task, and we'll correct and adjust you in real time.


Curriculum Overview

Go beyond the YouTube videos and reality shows with our expert instruction and learn what it truly takes to survive an outdoor emergency. In an emergency, it's knowing the fundamentals that will save you, and here at TCSS we've taken them to a whole new level. Our training covers the most essential skills to survive in the outdoors, while challenging you to problem solve and perform. In survival, success is your only option.  Our curriculum is based on life-saving techniques to be employed in real life wilderness survival scenarios and has set a new standard in the field. We are consistently changing the game. 

*Lesson 1: Understanding the survival situation. Introduction to common outdoor emergencies and their mitigation. Includes: dressing for the outdoors, understanding hypo and hyperthermia, advanced hydration and nutrition for performance, an overview of historical examples, and more.                                             

*Lesson 2: The complete guide to emergency fire-making and use. Includes: making a friction fire, all-weather ignition devices, selecting and using accelerants, how to maximize a fire's warmth, safely combining a fire and a shelter, and more.               

*Lesson 3: Water location and purification. Includes: water location in arid areas, filtering water for debris and flavor, plant transpiration gathering, solar distillation, saltwater purification, understanding common waterborne illnesses, and more.               

*Lesson 4: Emergency all-weather shelter construction. Includes: tripod shelter construction, lean-to construction, reflector wall shelters, tarp shelters, improvised natural features, and more.     

*Lesson 5: Emergency signaling. Includes: Audio/visual/electronic (including satellite communication selection and use) signaling, ground-to-air signaling, ground-to-ground signaling, understanding what your rescuer is looking for, signaling in rugged or overgrown terrain, and more.

*Lesson 6: Essential first aid skills. Includes: how to stop bleeding, dressing and bandaging wounds, how to properly clean wounds, emergency improvised splint for broken limbs, head-to-toe trauma assessment, full medical field assessments, and more.       

*Lesson 7: Effective trapping and tracking. Includes: animal tracking, man tracking for search and rescue, deadfall construction and use, snare construction and use, fish trap construction and use, and more.                                         

*Lesson 8: Bushcrafting - forming tools and weapons from your environment. Includes: basket making, birch bark containers, atlatl (javelin with launcher) construction, batons, tongs, fishing spears, and more.

*Lesson 9: Stone knapping - learn the art of forming stone tools. Includes: arrowhead, spear, and knife construction.

*Lesson 10: Wild plant identification, uses, and processing. Includes: brewing medicinal teas from wild plants, processing wild plants for food, turning plant fibers into rope, making medicinal poultices, and more.                                                                      

*Lesson 11: Map and compass navigation. Includes: reading and using a topographic map, using a navigation compass, using the UTM grid coordinate system, shooting bearings, route finding, triangulation, and more.                                                      

*Lesson 12: Extreme terrain & weather. Mountain & Desert Specific Survival Skills Module.






As Every Student will receive a high level of individual attention, there are limited amounts of these memberships available. This is a high level distance learning program whose goal is to spread real world survival training globally.

         Examples From Modules 1 & 2


Level 1: $100 monthly (no commitment required, pay month to month) or $850 for the year (Limit 20 Available)

Includes 1 lesson plan and one 30-minute video conference with one of our lead instructors per month. Access to our live training streams.


Level 2: $1000 for the year (Limit 20 Available)

Includes one lesson plan and 1 hour of video conferences with one of our lead instructors per month. Also includes access to our live course training streams.


Gold Level: $2000 for the year (Limit 10 Available)

Includes one lesson plan per month, 1.5 hours of personal video conferences/training sessions with Thomas per month, attendance to any 3 of our 1-3 day critical survival skills courses, a free t-shirt and sweatshirt. You may also select the order of your lesson plans after completing lessons 1-3.


What You'll Need

*A solid knife. We recommend the Mora HD for beginners. A Leatherman or Victorinox Swiss Knife are also great options.

*A good 1/2 firesteel

*Fuel Cubes (solid accelerants like wet fire)

*Work gloves

*A good wi-fi or cellular signal with enough data available to stream video. Either Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout apps. We recommend Google Hangout for our live training streams.

*A camera phone or web camera

*At the beginning of each module you will receive a list of recommended items should you wish to try these skills in the field. We keep it minimal and inexpensive.

You can check out our lead instructors here