Save 20% on all courses, memberships, and programs with code “wild”

With 15+ regular courses on a variety of topics, you can say we have a lot to teach. In fact, more than any other California survival school. We now have a way for you to take advantage of all of our courses, without having to break the bank. We offer unlimited training for 1 year, 18 months, and 2 years with the membership options below. All members receive; a personal discount code for themselves, friends, and family to use, access to members only courses, as well as a variety of other benefits, as listed below. See you in the field...


*All members may attend courses marked full/sold out

*quick and easy registration. Members need only call, text, or email with the name and date of the course they wish to attend to register.

*friends and family discount

Vip Memberships

Vip #1 memberships include; unlimited 1-3 day courses for a full year from signing on, members only discounts, and a 25% discount on all training for life. This includes courses like; map and compass, critical survival skills, counter custody, stone knapping, apothecary, wild plant identification, and wilderness first aid certification. VIP embers also receive 1 free guest privlege.

You have three options: the non- tactical includes all 1-3 day survival, outdoor skills, and emergency care. Everything outside our tactical selections. 

The tactical includes all survival/medical/skills courses, as well as our counter custody, urban movement, "weaponology", upcoming firearms courses, etc.

 Our new lifetime VIP membership offers the same courses for life, and one free guest each year.

Non Tactical $750

Tactical Included  $1000

Lifetime vip $2000


Gold Membership

Unlimited 1-7 day courses for a full 18 months from purchase. Gold members receive 1 free guest privilege for any 1-7 day course, and 2 free guest privileges for any 1-2 day course(California courses only), as well as a free t shirt and survival kit. 50% off any course your membership does not cover. Click here to purchase.



Platinum Membership

 Free training on all courses for 2 years (including courses outside California such as our Alaska courses). Members receive; 4 free guest privileges per year (excludes courses outside California), a free copy of our Wild Plant ID & Uses dvd, a free sweat shirt, a free t shirt, and free enrollment in our upcoming online courses. Click here to purchase.