We're bringing the world's most elite tactical skills instructors to the general public, that you're average individual can learn to defend themselves should the worst occur. In other words, we want to make sure the good guys come home.


Course Overview: Weapononlogy

You've just found the real deal. This program gives the "general public" the chance to train with world class experts in forming and using improvised weapons from their environment. This lead instructor of this module is Ed Calderon, the founder of the legendary Ed's Manifesto & Libre training systems. Mr. Calderon is a former counter narcotics officer out of Mexico City, and needs little introduction. He is extremely well known in this field, and he has trained special operations forces, law enforcement, and high level client protection firms from around the globe. When elite professionals think they may need these skills they come to Ed Calderon, and now you can too.

Ed teaches to people moving in Non-Permissive Environments (NPE) where the tools are minimal and the threats are high. Students will learn how to use and/or make weapons such as:

improvised pointed weapons
improvised edged weapons
and more

This course teaches you how to turn everyday objects into weapons, and includes combatives instruction.


None, but this will be a physical class. .




$200 per person

*Students receive a certificate of completion

Upon registering you will receive a link to download all course info; gear list, start times, Addresses, etc.


2018 Schedule & LocatioN

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June 11

July 16

September 10


9am Start Time

SubFighter MMA Gym

23272 Vista Grande dr

Laguna Hills, Ca 92653


What To Bring

Lunch & Water 

Something to take notes with

Clothes that can get dirty/damaged