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Because You Want your Child To Be The Best They Can Be

Recreation With An Edge

We firmly believe wilderness survival training is among the best critical thinking development exercises there are. You are constantly challenged to improvise, and to perform, no matter how big or small the task. It is high level problem solving that only allows for one result; success. Much like life. It is also training that can start very young, it is training that can give your child an edge on life.

You want the best for your progeny and we want the best for our clients. This is whew have developed a high level outdoor survival and youth development camp. We've put together a curriculum that will help prepare your child for any challenge they face in life, all while they have an experience they will remember forever.

Critical Thinking: All survival training is based on improvisation. You must learnt to take what you have, and transform it into what you need. You must pull from your environment and make adjustments as you go. Everything from gathering firewood, to building shelters, to making an emergency bandage for wounds will help develop your child's growing critical thinking/problem solving skills.

Problem Solving: In survival, your only option is success. You must solve every problem you face. This "see it through no matter what" attitude, as you know, is a very important character trait in successful people. It also makes people more creative and adaptable problem solvers. We always say; "we are the experts at making you the expert", we will truly impart new skills to your child, and they will see the immediate benefits of their hard work.

Survival & Medical Skills: Your child will be taught to perform the following emergency survival and medical skills, all while camping in a beautifully recreated Native American Village, on a private Lake. There will be fun events like Archery and group hikes of course, but when they come home they WILL have an exciting new skill set that will further set them apart from their peers.

*We run live emergency scenarios throughout the course. Students learn to react safely when the situation demands- all while having fun of course!                                                                               *Recognition and treatment of exposure (hypo/hyperthermia), the   #1 killer in outdoor survival situations                                  *Forming a friction fire kit (making a fire with sticks), and training in modern emergency all-weather fire making techniques
*Constructing a weatherproof survival shelter
*How to stop bleeding                                                           *How to splint broken and/or dislocated bones                      *How to make a bandage                                                       *How to assess a person had to toe for injury                         *How to treat burns                                                               *How to treat insect and snake bites                                    *How to recognize a medical emergency                                                     *How to make an effective small game trap (we will not be trapping animals)
*Locating and purifying water in the field
*Emergency signaling techniques for rescue
*How to produce cordage (string/rope) from wild plants                   *How to cook a meal without pots, pans, or utensils              *Wild plant identification and uses                                   *Archery lessons         

...and much more!

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                 Handmade "Wigwam" on the training grounds




 $1500 per person


April Update: Camp De Benniville Pines, Angelus Oaks, Ca

High adventure camps located approx 6500' on the San Bernadino National Forest, tucked into tall Pine trees. Just outside Big Bear, Ca. You will have access to your vehicle in the evening so feel free to "overpack".

Only 90 minutes from Los Angeles!


2017 Schedule

February 25-26 Cold Weather Skills (FULL)

March 18-19 (FULL)

April 8-9 (FULL)

May 6-7 (5 or less spots remaining)

June 3-4 (5 or less spots remaining)

July 1-2 (10 or less spots remaining)

August 5-6 (5 or less spots remaining)

September 2-3

October 7-8

November 4-5

What To Bring

*A water bottle. 

*A pocketknife or fixed blade. (we recommend the Victorinox Trekker, or any Leatherman w/ a saw feature, or a Mora Knife for new users.)

*A Day Pack (small back pack)

*A sleeping bag appropriate for the time of year 

*Appropriate clothing and footwear for the time of year (rain gear required fall-spring)

*A headlamp or flashlight

*Foodstuffs, we provide dinner for night 1

*Feel free to bring any favorite survival gear you wish to train with!

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                  40 person meeting lodge on the training grounds