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First and foremost you should know, we're here to get you ready for the real thing. Our training is not based on what you'll find in all the same old survival manuals or YouTube videos. It's based on real world experience, in extreme climates and terrains, globally. This is why 3 branches of the United States Military have chosen us for training, and we hope you and your family do as well.


OUR Locations

We now have locations across California, from Chico to San Diego. Each location was selected to provide optimum training value and student access. Simply click on the course that interests you for its location, schedule, and overview. (we no longer operate in Tehachapi, Ca)

      *Big Bear/Angelus Oaks     *Morovia, CA (Los Angeles County)     *O'NEILL Regional Park (Orange County)        *Big Sur, Ca     *Chico, Ca (within 2 hours of Sacramento, Tahoe, & Reno, less than 3 from San Francisco)

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Your expert delivery of lifesaving information will undoubtedly benefit VX-31 and staff for years to come. Again, accept my personal thanks for a job well done.
— Commanding Officer, VX-31, United States Navy

STSC QUalified Instructors

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Lead Instructor: Jerry Saunders

*8 Years active duty U.S. Marine Corps    *Former Chief Survival Instructor USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center

*Sniper & Sniper Instructor USMC    *USMC Mountain Leader    *SWAT CQB & Sniper Instructor    *USMC Assault Climber

Lead Instructor:

Critical Skills/Wilderness First Aid/Land Nav Instructor:

Critical Skills/Wilderness First Aid/Land Nav Instructor:

Critical Skills Instructor:




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  • US Navy: Search & Rescue
  • US Air Force: Vandenburg Personnel
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