Welcome to the TCSS gear page. Here we recommend gear we've found to be high performing. None of these endorsements are sponsored, and we recommend gear because we've used it in all four seasons, in extreme climates; and it came through for us. We know that in an outdoor emergency a gear failure can cost you your life, so we take our selections seriously.


Fire Making Equipment 

As exposure is the #1 killer in the outdoors, the ability to make a fire in the field is indispensable to man. It will keep you warm, signal your rescuer, boil your water, cook your food, and provides a sense of safety and security. Modern man now has the ability to make a fire, quickly and easily, on almost any conditions with the right training and gear.

Webber Grill starter cubes (burns at 1200F for 10+ minutes, lights easily with a fire steel or match)

Duraflame Grill starter cubes (burns at 1200F for 10+ minutes, lights easily with a fire steel or match)

Esbit Fuel Cube (burns at 1200F for 10+ minutes, does not light easily with a fire steel. Use matches, however it is non toxic and has a stove option for cooking.)

Fast Fire Fuel Cube (burns at 1200F for 10+ minutes, lights easily with a fire steel or match)

UCO Stormproof Matches


Emergency Signaling Equipment

Signal, signal, signal. If you've trained with us, you know we push this hard. Should things go wrong when you're far from help, you want to get rescue started as quickly as possible. Have a way to signal searchers both on the ground, and in the air, day or night.

ACR GPS Beacons. ResQ Link ResQ Link View

Emergency Whistle

Signal Mirror

Signal Tape/Trail Tape

Orion Signals Flares

Smoke Grenade

(see our lights section for recommendations on this category)



A proper set of thermals will insulate when wet, dry rapidly, and stave off exposure. As your base layer, it's your first step in dressing for cold weather.

Polarmax Thermals. Bottoms

Smart Wool Thermals. Top

Icebreaker Thermals. Bottoms

Military Surplus Extreme Cold Weather Polypropylene Thermals. Bottoms Full Set


Pants & Shirts

Rugged, provide coverage from UV, plenty of storage room, these are all features of our pics for pants and shirts.

511 Tactical Pants. Stryke Apex

Columbia Sun/Safari Shirts

North Face Paramount Pants

Fjallraven Pants



If you are going to be hitting the trail regularly, you'll eventually need to cook there. Here's some systems we take with us on a regular basis.

Jet Boil Stove

Pocket Rocket Stove (if you're going fast and light this indestructible little guy will do the job)

Optimus Folding Titanium Spork (the best titanium spork out there. Tiny.)


Sleep Systems

Like sleeping in the outdoors? Well now you're gong to love it if you try out a Montbell sleeping bag, or a Hennessy hammock. Below are a list of our favorite sleep systems. They come in everything from ultra-light to ultra-comfortable.

Montbell Burrow Sleeping Bags

North Face Cats Meow Sleeping Bags

Hennessy Hammocks (great jungle hammock. will stop torrential rain and makes it easy to collect it for rain water. Very stable with attached bug netting, rapid set up and take down with the optional "snake skins")

Thermarest Pads (we find these to be the most tough and reliable, even in the ultra light category)





A knife is a critical tool in the outdoors. Selecting one however, can be a daunting task. Here is what we use on our courses, and have worked well for us. We list large and small fixed blades, as well as muti-tools and Swiss knives for small survival kits. We suggest practice and training not just in their use, but in their care as well.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives & Multi Tools. Trekker Swiss X Tool

Leatherman Multi-Tools. Supertool Wave Charge MUT

Mora Knives. Companion Survival/Bushcraft Model 

Esee Knives. Esee 5 Izula 2


Emergency Shelter

As exposure is the #1 killer in the outdoors, you should always have a way to make shelter in the field. It can be as simple as the pocket sized "Heatsheet", or as tough as the Grabber e-blanket. They can function as emergency shade in the summer, as tarp style shelters in the winter, and as emergency blankets in mild conditions. Select a bright color and your shelter is now a signal.

Adventure Medical's Heatsheets

Tarp Style Emergency Blanket w/grommets

Parachute Cord

Kevlar Cord


Water Purification & More

H2O is a survival essential. Train in how to locate it, purify it, hydrate with it, and treat it in the field. Below are a list of our favorite filters, chem tabs, and containers.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filters. standard mini

First Need Water Purifier

Aqua Tabs

Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter

Lifestraw High Volume Gravity Filter

Osprey Hydration Bladders

Camelbak Hydration Bladders. 100oz 1.5 Liter

Platypus roll up bottles. 2L 1L

Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel, Single Walled/Non lined Bottles

Nalgene Water Bottles



Treat your feet right. Below is a list of our favorite footwear, from comfortable lightweight mids, to highly rugged custom all leather boots. These provide protection, support, grip, and durability.

Whites Boots (custom made)

Asolo Boots Fugitive model

La Sportiva Boots

Zamberlan Boots (All models. Italian mountaineering company that has a wide fit option, as well as a forward rocker option in fairly lightweight boot models like the Lynx and Guide)

Smart Wool Socks

Fox River Socks (exceptional warm weather boot sock options and made in the USA)



Montbell Compressible Down Jackets (alpine/alpine light models)



Klaurus Tactical Lights (indestructible, reliable, well priced)

Princeton Vizz head lamp (made in the USA)

Streamlight nano (very small clip on, great for small survival kits)


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