“The instruction during your course was extraordinary. Your extensive knowledge and steadfast ability to perform your duties as an instructor has truly been an asset to the training center, and earned the respect of the Marines.”

J.J. Carroll JR, Commanding Officer, United States Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center

Established 2008. Providing world class instruction for over a decade.



 With locations across California and private training available worldwide, Coyne Survival Schools is ready to meet your training needs. All courses are led by veterans, former first responders, or our instructor program graduates. With a decade of experience in survival and medical training excellence, we can get you ready for any adventure you chose to face next.

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Our Courses

What makes our courses special is the results they produce for the student. We don’t train to a schedule- we train to a standard. Students will be given as much personal instructor attention and time as necessary to achieve success at their task. In a survival situation, success is your only option. We train the student to push beyond their perceived limits, and achieve real world skill sets. We are the experts at making you the expert.

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