"Thomas is the best - his level of knowledge on all things survival is unparalleled.  There's a reason we went to him, why the Marines go to him, why Navy SPECWAR goes to him, etc.  He is a consummate professional, conducts an amazing course, and taught us skills that will surely serve our troops well in the challenges that await them.  Thanks Thomas!"

Captain D. Myatt, 932 Explosive Ordinance Disposal, US Air Force.


Thomas Coyne Survival Schools Headquarters operates America's most elite survival program, for all skill levels. Since 2009 we have been breaking new ground and training the best: The US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Navy, Department of Defense, and many other results oriented individuals and organizations have chosen us for training. 

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Our Courses

We not only offer 15+ regularly occurring courses in a wide range of skills, but custom and private courses for individuals and corporations alike. We've worked with all ages, capabilities, and body types, and like to say we are the experts at making you the expert.

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