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“We took our EOD unit out to Thomas Coyne for a week of training…The reason we went is because Thomas is the best - his level of knowledge on all things survival is unparalleled. There's a reason we went to him, why the Marines go to him, why Navy SPECWAR goes to him, etc. He is a consummate professional, conducts an amazing course, and taught us skills that will surely serve our troops well in the challenges that await them.” Captain D. Myatt, USAF

Upcoming Events:

December 6-8: Weekend Field Course

February 29: Urban Disaster Preparedness

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Public Courses. Click on the course titles for a full overview. 

Survival, Primitive, and Outdoor Skills Courses


Wild Plant Identification and Uses (1 Day)Learn to identify wild plants and process them them for use as; food, medicine, and utility items. Learn more 2019:  May 23, June 20

The Apothecary, Healing With Wild Plants (1 Day)– Learn the ancient art of transforming wild healing plants into powerful healing remedies. Take home the balms, poultices, teas, and more that you make. Learn more                               2020: March 21, May 24, June 21

Weekend Survival Skills Intensive – Our most popular selection, this course is all about giving you competency in the fundamentals. Essential training for all skill levels. Learn more  2020 Dates: March 7-8, April 4-5, May 2-3, June 6-7, August 1-2, September 5-6, October 3-4, November 7-8

All Ages 1 Day Critical Survival Skills Intensive –  This course is based on introducing the student to the most critical wilderness survival skills. Learn more  2020 Dates: March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10, November 14

Family Bushcraft Weekend- Spend a weekend with the family on this all ages course. Enjoy a weekend learning skills that were essential to ancient man. Stone tool making, foraging, trapping, friction fire making, and more. Learn more  2020: May 16-17  

Stone Knapping (tool making) Course (1 Day) Learn the ancient skill of making tools and weapons from stone. Make a knife, make an arrowhead, launch an at latl. Learn more   2020: May 16

Survival Skills Certification (Basic) – Spend 3 days on this training intensive and receive your basic wilderness survival, as well as wilderness first aid certification.  Learn more  2020 Dates: March 7-9, April 4-6, May 2-4, June 6-8, August 1-3, September 5-7, October 3-5, November 7-9

7 Day Cross Climate Skills Intensive – Learn to survive in nearly any climate on this cross climate training intensive. Learn desert and mountain survival, map and compass navigation, stone knapping, and more.  Learn more.  2020:  May 9-15

Basic Map & Compass Certification (1 Day)–  Learn to navigate with a map and compass on this basic certification course. Learn more  2020:  April 5, Sept 6

Primitive Traps, Weapons, & Tracking-Learn the essentials of constructing primitive traps and weapons. 2020: April 18

Extreme Survival Field Courses 18+


Weekend Field Course (3 Day) – The only food and water is what you forage for, no sleeping bags or blankets no matter what the weather. The Nation's only year round all-weather field course.  Learn more  2019: December 6-8

Annual Alaska Field Course Spend 8 days living off of the land with little more than a pocketknife in the heart of Alaska. Enough said. Learn more                   2020:  July 14-30

First and foremost, we are a field school. We are also America's ONLY year round all-weather field school. Our Extreme Courses are not only based on developing the skills essential to survival in an outdoor emergency, but actually re-creating the survival situation. No sleeping gear (no matter what the weather), no outside food or water- we get it from the land. Ages 18+

 Medical, Tactical, & Urban Disaster



As chosen by the United States department of Defense


*Travel Safe - Counter Kidnapping, Terrorism, & Criminal Exploitation For Travelers- Department of Defense personnel, civilian military employees, and more, must all take the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Anti-Terrorism Awareness course before international travel for official purposes. We have modified and expanded upon this course curriculum to bring an entirely new training event to the public. We have added more material, hands on exercises, and expanded upon current concepts. 2020 Dates: March 1, July 19, October 18

Wilderness First Aid (2 Days) – Learn the essentials of emergency care when far from help and resources. Learn to stop bleeding, splint broken limbs, treat exposure, bandage burns, and more. This is a national certification course. Learn more  2020 Dates Coming Soon

Urban Disaster Preparedness - Learn the essentials of urban disaster readiness and response on this single day intensive. Learn more.  2020 Dates: February 29, July 18, October 17

Ruck. Nav. Shoot. On this hybrid survival/tactical course sudents will train in field survival tactics, map and compass navigation, and defensive combat pistol. 2019: Oct 5-6. 2020 Coming Soon!

SERE- Survival, escape, resistance, and evasion. Learn to escape captivity and make a run for it through the wild. All students undergo a mock kidnapping, interrogation, and escape scenario. 2020 March 7-9, June 6-8, October 3-5

The Combatives Seminar- Spend the weekend with real world combat experts learning the absolute essentials of unarmed self defense. Led and developed by a USMC veteran/former Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructor who is also a former pro MMA fighter and coach that has trained with the most elite soldiers and fighters in the world. Learn more. 2019 June 8. 2020 Dates Coming Soon

The following EMS courses are currently available by Private Booking to individuals & agencies. The certifications are accepted at hospitals across the nation. Contact us for more info. Call or text 805.441.7750


Adult/Child/Infant CPR

First Aid

Emergency Oxygen Administration

CABS (Child & Babysitting Safety)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care     

Survival Instructor Programs

Certify through us in our wilderness survival and wilderness first aid instructor development programs. Learn more

The Best Have Trained Here


  • U.S. Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Survival & Sniper Instructors

  • U.S. Navy Helicopter Rescue (VX-31) & EOD/Special Warfare    

  • U.S. Air Force EOD/Special Operations

  •  U.S. Department of Defense

  • California Department of Justice        

  • Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

  • Palm Springs Police Search & Rescue

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff

  • Stanford University Vaden Mental Health Services

  • Craftsman Tools        

  • Ford Motors

  • W.I.T.O. (Women In The Outdoors, America's Largest Women's Outdoor Org)

  • Girls Who Hike (Los Angeles)

  • Girls Who Climb

  • The Desert Institute At Joshua Tree National Park       

  • Wounded Warrior Foundation

  • Regal Entertainment Group        

  • Film promotions for World War z & After Earth

  • Buzzfeed

  • 72 & Sunny

  •        History Channel        

  • Discovery Channel

  • Fusion Network