The potential of a terrorist attack/mass casualty incident has become all to real for those who live in major urban areas. Disaster continues to strike across the globe. We don't want you to be paranoid, we want you to be prepared. It is the goal of our tactical training to bring world class instructors to the general public. Train with the best, train to survive.


Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Center Classroom. Pic taken while our founder was training USMC Mountain Leaders in Survival.

Counter Kidnapping, Terrorism, & Criminal Exploitation For Travelers

Department of Defense personnel, civilian military employees, and more, must all take the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Anti-Terrorism Awareness course before international travel for official purposes. We have modified and expanded upon this course curriculum to bring an entirely new training event to the public. We have added more material, hands on exercises, and expanded upon current concepts.

This course is designed to give individuals of any background a complete travel safe package. From planning the arrival at your airport, assessing security at hotels and eateries, familiarization with criminal methodology and exploitations based on global region, concepts of anti-terrorism and mass casualty incident avoidance, anti kidnapping, and much more.

*Learn the essentials of planning an international trip, including to areas undergoing political destabilization. (from State Dept recommendations, to how to get a second passport for stamps that show travel to controversial nations, and more)   

*Learn common methods used by street criminals to exploit travelers by global region.

*Interactions with foreign law enforcement and border guards

*Learn to asses a hotel’s security defenses and weaknesses, how to reinforce rooms, and other improvised personal defense methods   

*Learn to identify unwanted surveillance and plan your response to such

*Anatomy of an abduction. Includes counter interrogation techniques. Learn how criminals plan and execute kidnappings, ways to become a harder target, and how to exploit methodology based on global region

*Learn to use and/or form tools and methods for escaping common restraints such as handcuffs & zip ties.

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Site of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris immediately after the large protest in response. Photo taken by founder while visiting France.




$200 per person 

*Students receive a certificate of completion


2019 Schedule & Location

June 22

September 15

September 29 Cancelled

2020 Scheule

March 1

July 19

October 18


United Studios of Self Defense Headquarters

9 Hubble

Irvine, CA 92618


What To Bring


Something to take notes with

Clothes that can get dirty/damaged

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