"We took our EOD unit out to the Survival Training School of California with Thomas Coyne for a week of training. The intent was to perfect our ability to operate in cross-climate field conditions. The reason we went to STSC is because Thomas is the best - his level of knowledge on all things survival is unparalleled. There's a reason we went to him, why the Marines go to him, why Navy Special Warfare goes to him, etc. He is a consummate professional, conducts an amazing course, and taught us skills that will surely serve our troops well in the challenges that await them. "  Captain D. Myatt, USAF



Course Overview: Anti-terrorism and Kidnapping Seminar

Learn the essentials of avoiding and escaping terrorist attacks and kidnapping in this one day training intensive. Criminals are looking for the easiest targets, "targets of opportunity". Learn to harden your defenses and increase your awareness in this ground breaking course. This course is modeled on the Joint Chiefs of Staff Anti-Terrorism Awareness course, currently in heavy use by government personnel and military.

*Learn the essentials of cover and concealment and how to respond in the event of a mass shooting

*Learn to identify improvised explosive devices and suspicious packages

*Learn to inspect a vehicle for tampering or explosives

*Learn the most common tactics used my terrorists that you may build your defenses against them                 

*Learn to avoid the most common mistakes made by high value targets

*Learn to identify "dry runs" and tests of security

*Learn to identify unwanted surveillance

*Learn to asses a buildings security defenses and weaknesses, and how to reinforce rooms, and other improvised defences

*Learn to construct safe travel plans

*Learn how to identify "fishing attempts" and how to speak to attackers if engaged                                      

*Learn how to escape common restraints such as handcuffs and zip ties

*and more!

*Students receive a certificate of completion

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$215 per person 

25 person Course Limit For 1 on 1 Instruction


2016 Schedule & Location

September 25  9am-5:30pm

                    Our Anaheim, Ca Conference Location                        Directions Sent Upon Booking

What To Bring

Favorite pocket or survival knife

Lunch & Water 

Something to take notes with

Sunscreen is recommended

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