THE BEST TRAIN HERE. Alumni/Clients have included;

US Marine Corps: Mountain Warfare Training Center Survival Instructors & Sniper Instructors

US Navy: Search & Rescue, EOD/Special Warfare

US Air Force: EOD/Special Operations United States Department of Defense History Channel

Discovery Channel Craftsman Tools California Dept. of Justice Facebook

The Desert Institute @ Joshua Tree National Park

Women In The Outdoors ("WITO" is America's largest women's outdoor organization)

Stanford University Vaden Mental Health Services LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept.)

Buzzfeed Ford Motors Regal Cinemas (Regal Entertainment Group) CNN Palm Springs PD

Los Angeles County Sheriff YPO Groups from across the nation

”On behalf of the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue Unit, I want to thank you for an outstanding day of instruction. Your presentation was informative, detailed, valuable and extremely interesting. Your curriculum covered wide and varied topics relevant to our mission to aid lost and/or injured residents and visitors to our local mountains and desert, while at the same time staying safe and confident when in the harsh wilderness extremes in which we operate. You were able to enhance our skills by providing instruction in areas of wilderness survival and first aid, and your presentation was both humorous and based in real-world experience. We can immediately apply what we learned from you and will incorporate your techniques in our training and rescues. You can count on us to inform other units with whom we come into contact about your school and encourage them to utilize your services. Thank you again.”

Yours in service to others,

Lieutenant Joe Aguanno
Personnel Officer
Palm Springs Mounted Police
Search and Rescue

The Proof


Thomas Coyne, Top left row center, left of the red "27, hands behind back