"Your abilities were instrumental in ensuring the delivery of technical and tactical information and its understanding to the Marines of the MWTC... "

-Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, 2013



Course Overview: Learn to Return

This course is designed to ensure you make it home. We are working with military experts to bring you real world S.urvival, E.scape, R.esistance, and E.vasion training. Designed for anyone who may travel to potentially dangerous parts of the globe and/or members of targeted populations; international travelers, members of the press, disaster aid workers, or simply anyone wanting the test and adventure of a lifetime.

*As a culmination exercise, you will participate in a mock kidnapping and interrogation- as the victim. This will get physical and you will be handled roughly. Light/mild bruising may occur due to this exercise, be prepared. At some point you will “escape” and be hunted by instructors over a planned course area- putting all your new found skills together. That being said your safety and education are paramount.

*Proper trip planning and prevention measures. Assessing local security postures, the mindset of the populace, route planning, and more.

*Learn how to defeat/escape the most common restrains used (hand cuffs, zip ties, etc), as well as building spaces. Lock picking and stealth entry will be covered.

*Learn the essential of counter tracking to evade your captors.

*Learn to form, use, and conceal improvised weapons.

*Learn what to say and not to say to hostile individuals and victim’s "etiquette". In other words, learn how not to make things worse by saying something to trigger your captors.

*Learn the mental techniques necessary for survival in a kidnapping, interrogation, and/or escape situation. 

*Learn the fundamentals of wilderness survival so as not to die of exposure should you decide to "make a run for it" to a friendly area. Stealth shelter construction, navigation without map/compass, water location and purification, and emergency signaling will all be covered.

..and more. Expect anything, at anytime.

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        Rates, Dates, & Gear





November 2-4

3 of 10 spots remain. This is a small group event.

To Participate:

*18 and up only

*All participants must sign a health and safety waiver.

*Individuals with any known heart ailments or severe claustrophobia may not attend.


2019 Location & Date

October 5-7 (FULL)

November 2-4 (2 SPOTS REMAIN)

2020 Dates Coming Soon

Camp La Verne

41954 Jenks Lake Rd W, Angelus Oaks, Ca 92305

(Just outside Big Bear Lake & Ski Resort)


What To Bring

Small day pack
Sleeping gear; bag, mat, tent is optional
Favorite pocket knife for carving
Appropriate outdoor clothing for the time of year (no shorts, wear rugged footwear)
Water bottle
Flashlight or headlamp

Clothes that can be stained and damaged

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