"We took our EOD unit out to the Survival Training School of California with Thomas Coyne for a week of training.  The intent was to perfect our ability to operate in cross-climate field conditions... Thomas is the best - his level of knowledge on all things survival is unparalleled.  There's a reason we went to him, why the Marines go to him, why Navy SPECWAR goes to him, etc.  He is a consummate professional, conducts an amazing course, and taught us skills that will surely serve our troops well in the challenges that await them.  Thanks Thomas!"

D. Myatt, Captain, U.S. Air Force EOD


Stanford University's Psychological Services Staff training with our Chief Instructor in Palo Alto, Ca.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Goal

Here at Survival Training School of California we take great pride in saying: "we are the experts at making you the expert". We have provided our services everywhere form the Danakil Desert of Ethiopia, to the Alaskan wilderness, to U.S. Military Bases. Whether you want a pocketknife only field course, a speaker for your event, a leadership & teamwork development course, or you simply wish to take one of our regular courses one on one with an instructor, we can meet your needs.

“Reinforcing confidence in team member’s character and capabilities”

Individuals: Private training in Southern California begins at $500 per day if on a weekday. You may select on of our regular courses or customize your curriculum. Cost includes all survival gear, foodstuffs/snacks, and instruction for up to two people. Take your skills to the next level and attain real world proficiency with our expert instructors.

Corporations: We offer some of the most unique and powerful team and leadership building experiences. There's nothing like attempting skills that can mean life or death to bring out the winner inside. We can provide meals and snacks or you can go "hardcore" and forage for everything (you can even trap a squirrel for dinner!). Come for a day of fun critical thinking events, or test yourself overnight in a survival shelter you make yourself. We even have ziplines and climbing walls at our disposal.

Military: Want to get your team into a real world survival course but there are no slots available in house? Want to progress your survival training into the 21rst century and continue to grow and develop cutting edge skills? Whether you want pocketknife only field training to learn to do more with less, or cross-climate skills training to prep for any environment in the world, Survival Training School of California has your training solutions.


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U.S. Navy VX-31 Search & Rescue and Kern County Fire Helicopter 407 partaking in signal training conducted by our Chief Instructor.

 Clients Have Included

U.S. Navy Search & Rescue (VX-31) & EOD

U.S Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center

U.S. Air Force, EOD

U.S. Department of Defense

California Department of Justice

Craftsman Tools

Ford Motors

Wounded Warrior Foundation

Regal Entertainment Group

Stanford University's Vaden Mental Health Services

Film promotions for; World War z & After Earth


72 & Sunny

Advisory Roles: History Channel & Discover Channel Projects

Desert Institute Joshua Tree National Park

and we hope you are next!

“The ability of individual members to anticipate each other’s needs, and fill them without being asked, is a hallmark of high functioning team. This maintains a level of ‘flow’ and tempo that could not be achieved otherwise. It lessens member’s frustrations with each other in high stress environments, builds trust, and therefore increases team confidence and capability.”