"On behalf of the Palm Springs Mounted Police SAR Unit, I want to thank you for an outstanding day of instruction. We can immediately apply what we learned from you and will incorporate your techniques in our training and rescues."  

-Lieutenant Joe Aguanno, Palm Springs Mounted Police Search & Rescue Unit



Mastering The Fundamentals: Course Overview

You asked for it you got it, here is our level two skills course. Take your skills to the next level over this weekend training intensive. No matter what your experience or background, you must have taken our weekend skills course or greater to attend this training. 

This course will include live scenarios that will challenge the student to "put the skill set together", think, and perform. Remember; in survival success is your only option, we train you to succeed. Our curriculum is based on life saving techniques to be employed in real life wilderness survival scenarios and is setting a new standard in our field. This course will be fully outdoors no matter what the weather, and is 100% hands on. 

Tents are allowed though students have the option to sleep in actual survival shelters they make themselves from the environment

*Advanced treatment and management of exposure (hypo/hyperthermia) in the field.                                          *Advanced friction fire training, smoothing out the process
*Elevated survival shelters and the "lean to"
*Advanced water treatment and procurement (distillation and transpiration will be performed)
*Produce cordage (string/rope) from wild plants that will support your weight                                                                             *Take trapping to the next level with snares and bird traps *Intro To Man Tracking *Intro to map and compass                                           *Employing survival gear in an emergency

...and much more!


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High adventure camps located approx 6500' on the San Bernadino National Forest, tucked into tall Pine trees. Just outside Big Bear, Ca. You will have access to your vehicle in the evening so feel free to "overpack".

Only 90 minutes from Los Angeles!


2019 Schedule

March 2-3

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What To Bring

*A water bottle. 

*A pocketknife or fixed blade

*A Day Pack (small back pack)

*A sleeping bag appropriate for the time of year 

*Appropriate clothing and footwear for the time of year (rain gear required fall-spring)

*A headlamp or flashlight

*A firesteel

*A signal mirror

*A roll of parachute cord (p cord)

*Foodstuffs for the weekend

*Feel free to bring any favorite survival gear you wish to train with! You will have access to your vehicle in the evening.