"Incredible learning experience by instructors who know what they are doing. Highly recommend STS of California!"

-W. Anderson, Alumni, Facebook Review



Course Overview: Map & Compass Navigation

Become comfortable with your map and compass and leave this course actually able to problem solve and navigate in the field. 

*Understanding the topographic map and it's features
*Understanding and using a navigation compass
*Triangulation (finding your position when lost/your current location is unkown)                                                         *Learning to use the UTM system and plot co-ordinates on a map
*"Shooting a bearing"
*Forming a reverse azimuth
*Forming a navigation line
*Problem solving in difficult terrain
*and more...

*Successful students receive a certificate in basic map and compass!

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$125 per person


2018 Schedule & Location

9am-2pm (arrive early to ensure parking)

2018 Schedule & Location

April  14  

September 8

Monrovia Canyon Park
1200 Canyon Park rd Monrovia, Ca


What To Bring

Water bottle, lunch, compass with adjustable ("geared") declination. Only recommended models; Suunto MC-2 and Suunto Global

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