"Incredible learning experience by instructors who know what they are doing. Highly recommend STS of California!"

-W. Anderson, Alumni, Facebook Review



Course Overview: Map & Compass Navigation

Become comfortable with your map and compass and leave this course actually able to problem solve and navigate in the field. 

*Understanding the topographic map and it's features
*Understanding and using a navigation compass
*Triangulation (finding your position when lost/your current location is unkown)                                                         *Learning to use the UTM system and plot co-ordinates on a map
*"Shooting a bearing"
*Forming a reverse azimuth
*Forming a navigation line
*Problem solving in difficult terrain
*and more...

*Successful students receive a certificate in basic map and compass!

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$125 per person


2017 Schedule & Location

9am-2pm (arrive early to ensure parking)

April 30

May 28

June 25

August 27

November 26

Monrovia Canyon Park
1200 Canyon Park rd Monrovia, Ca

What To Bring

Water bottle, lunch, compass with adjustable ("geared") declination. Only recommended models; Suunto MC-2 and Suunto Global

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