"I felt fortunate to be placed in such company with so much experience, knowledge, skills and know-how. The school motto "Knowledge, equals power, equals freedom" is spot on."

-Richel H., Alumni, Public Yelp Review



Course Overview: Ancient Skills For Modern Times

Learn the essential skills that were necessary for daily life to primitive man. We learn to drive a car, use a computer, pay our bills... they learned to hunt and gather, form tools and weapons from their environment, and use critical thinking to solve the problems of daily primitive living.Take your survival skills to the next level and learn what it truly takes to live off of the land!

*Tools & Weapons: Students will be given a full stone tool forming course (knapping) and make a knife and a spear point from stone, as well as mount them to their wooden handles/shafts.

*Foraging: Learn to identify, harvest, and use wild plants and other natural materials.  Students will produce; food, medicine, and utlity items such as rope(you will learn to weave rope from plant fibers) directly from wild materials they harvest.

Containers: Learn to weave a basket from tree branches and/or bark

Mastering Fire: Learn to make a fire with sticks (friction fire)

Food: Learn to make  primitive traps for harvesting wild game


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$250 Per Person    


2019 Dates & Location

May 11-12

Camp Laverne

Jenks Lake rd

Angelus Oaks, Ca


What To Bring

Pocket Knife (victorinox swiss knife or leatherman-both with saw feature-is recommended)

Sleeping Gear (Tent, sleeping bag, etc)

Any foodstuffs you may require

Course is Rain or Shine- Dress Appropriately