Real World Urban Disaster Readiness & Response Training. All Backgrounds & Experience Levels Welcome.


Urban Disaster Readiness

You do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to want to prepare for a "grid down" scenario in California. We have experienced massive fires, floods, earthquakes, land slides, riots and large scale protest, just to name a few disruptions.

Don't be scared be prepared. We have a real world approach to disaster prep that sets us apart. We use clear historical examples as our guide. There is a lot of information presented on this course, this is why students receive a handout to go with the course, and practice these skills hands on. This is not simply a lecture, there will be extensive student participation.


Learn The Following Topics

-Medical considerations in disasters zones; packing a medical kit, how to stop bleeding, long term wound care considerations, and more. We will have full trauma kits for display, and training aids for participation.

-Improvised power generation; we will assemble a working solar powered generator

-Introduction to civilian defense considerations for chemical, nuclear, and biological attacks. We will have respirators with CBRN filters for the students to manipulate.

-Evacuation considerations for urban environments and route planning

-When to evacuate vs “shelter in place”

-Water procurement and treatment; includes a desalinization exercise and hands on use of portable filtration technology.

-Food storage and preparation considerations; we’ll bring a variety of survival foods for participants to try

-Hygiene considerations when the “grid” is down; demonstration of portable shower technology

-Understanding civil disturbances

-Urban self defense considerations

-Packing a "go bag"

-Introduction to the unorthodox procurement of supplies


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$155 per person

2019 Schedule & Locations 

U.S.S.D. Irvine

9 Hubble, Irvine Ca 92618


March 2

June 23

September 28



February 29

July 18

October 17

Gear To Bring:

  A lunch or snack for the day. A camera and notebook are highly recommended.

Dress in clothing that can get dirty.

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