Real World Urban Disaster Readiness & Response Training. All Backgrounds & Experience Levels Welcome.


Urban Disaster Readiness

You do not have to be a "conspiracy theorist" to want to prepare for a "grid down" scenario in California. We have massive fires, floods, earthquakes, large scale land slides, riots and large scale protest, dangerous chemicals being transported across our freeways and railways, we've even had tsunami. 

Don't be scared be prepared. We have a real world approach to disaster prep that sets us apart- we don't fill our training scenarios or our gear bags with irrational "what ifs". There are clear historical examples at play.


Learn The Following Topics

-Water procurement and treatment; includes a desalinization exercise and hands on use of portable filtration technology.

-Food storage and preparation considerations; we’ll bring a variety of survival foods for participants to try

-Hygiene considerations when the “grid” is down; demonstration of portable shower technology

-Improvised power generation; we will assemble a working solar powered generator

-Introduction to chemical, nuclear, and biological warfare

-Understanding civil disturbances

-Urban self defense measures

-Packing a "go bag"

-When to evacuate vs “shelter in place”

-Evacuation considerations for urban environments


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$155 per person


Gear To Bring:

  A lunch or snack for the day. A camera and notebook are highly recommended.

Dress in clothing that can get dirty.


2018 Schedule & Locations


Seminar Room

930 Roosevelt
Irvine, CA 92620


June 16

August 18

Come see how much you can learn in one day. 

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