Coyne Survival Schools

Our Chief Instructor being interviewed for the World War Z Zombie Survival Guide, a part of their dvd specials...
Surviving survival training: Mike Rowe participates in a Navy signal training drill. See Somebody's Gotta Do It Wed., 9p

This slow motion video demonstrates exactly how a proper Paiute Deadfall trap works. The paiute is a highly effective primitive trap.

Together we stand. Alone...we might die in the woods. Watch us try not to die, then watch the true survivalists on History's new series Alone, Thursdays at 10/9c! The Try Guys + Special Thanks: Thomas Coyne: Global Survival Expert & Guide
"Unveiling the Wild: The Science of Survival" Thomas Coyne / Chief Instructor, California Survival Training Presented at Mindshare LA's 2012 Apocalyptic Christmas Party Thursday, December 13, 2012 Los Angeles, CA Whatever actually went down, you realize the water and electricity are not coming back on.