"On behalf of the Palm Springs Mounted Police SAR Unit, I want to thank you for an outstanding day of instruction. We can immediately apply what we learned from you and will incorporate your techniques in our training and rescues."  

-Lieutenant Joe Aguanno, Palm Springs Mounted Police Search & Rescue Unit



Located in beautiful forested mountain areas of National Forest (So Cal) and Redwood Forest (Nor Cal). Escape the city, escape the heat, enjoy the wild.

Mastering The Fundamentals: Course Overview

This is the outdoor survival course everybody should take once, no matter what your skill level. In an emergency, it's knowing the fundamentals that will save you, and here at TCSS we've taken them to a whole new level. This scenario based training course covers the most essential skills to survival in the outdoors, while challenging you to problem solve and perform. Yes you may bring food and a sleeping bag, but we will take you out of your comfort zone on this course and push you to succeed. In survival, success is your only option.

Go beyond the YouTube videos and reality shows with our expert instructors and learn what it truly takes to survive an outdoor emergency. Our curriculum is based on life saving techniques to be employed in real life wilderness survival scenarios and has set a new standard in the field. This course will be fully outdoors no matter what the weather, and is 100% hands on. 

Tents are allowed though students have the option to sleep in actual survival shelters they make themselves from the environmentWe provide all survival gear to train with, just bring a pocket knife.

*Train in emergency scenarios and learn to respond-and not panic- when things wrong.

*Learn to recognize and treat exposure (hypo/hyperthermia), the   #1 killer in outdoor survival situations

*Learn how to pack for the outdoors and form real world survival and medical kits

*Form a bow and drill friction fire kit (make a fire with sticks)

*Learn emergency all-weather fire making techniques

*Construct a weatherproof survival shelter

*Learn essential first aid skills like how to stop bleeding

*Learn to locate and purify water in the field

*Learn emergency signaling techniques (air & ground) for rescue

*Understand common wilderness emergencies & their causes

*Produce cordage (string/rope) from wild plants                      

*Learn how to react to dangerous snakes & animals

...and much more!

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Camp La Verne

41954 Jenks Lake Rd W, Angelus Oaks, Ca 92305

(Just Outside Big Bear Lake/Ski Resort)

There is a lake stocked with fish immediately adjacent to camp. You are welcome to fish with a valid license.

Get your fishing licenses here

We are on over 200 acres in the Nation Forest with a running spring. There is ample room for camping. Feel free to bring any type of camp set up you wish.

Only 90 minutes from Los Angeles! Less than 2 hours from San Diego and Orange County!


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2019 Schedule

October 5-6

November 2-3

2020 Schedule

March 7-8

April 4-5

May 2-3

June 6-7

August 1-2

September 5-6

October 3-4

November 7-8

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San Francisco Bay Area Location

Redwood Glenn Camp & Conference Center

1430 Wurr Road, Loma Mar, CA 94021

What To Bring

Check Out Our Gear Page For More Tips

*A water bottle. 

*A pocketknife or fixed blade- We recommend the Victorinox Trekker, or any Leatherman w/ a saw feature, or a Mora Knife for new users.

*A Day Pack (small back pack)

*A sleeping bag appropriate for the time of year 

*Appropriate clothing and footwear for the time of year (rain gear required fall-spring)

*A headlamp or flashlight

*Foodstuffs- We recommend Mountain House or similar backpacker meals for main courses. Small backpacker stoves like the "Pocket Rocket" or "Jetboil", or even a Coleman stove, will prepare these- and your morning coffee- very well. Granola, protein bars, jerky, etc., are all great options. You will have access to your vehicle in the evening so a small cooler is ok. There is also a campfire to cook on.

*Feel free to bring any favorite survival gear you wish to train with!

Check Out Our Gear Page For Tips