"I have taken numerous first aid courses including a 4 day wilderness first aid course in the past. STSC's Wilderness First Aid was, without question, the most comprehensive course on the subject I have ever taken."

-Keith F., Public Yelp Review



Course Overview: Wilderness First Aid Certification. Learn To Respond To Medical Emergencies When Far From Help

Come spend two days of extremely hands on training in wilderness first aid with us during our nationally recognized certification course. Wilderness first aid is different from standard first aid in that; it can require extended care (24hrs+), it can require you to improvise and form gear from your camping equipment and.or surroundings, and you must take exposure measures (care for the patient's needs in terms of warmth and cooling), training is hands on, and students learn to improvise their own medical gear from their surroundings, and students perform a much higher level of medical intervention- (i.e. students will learn to set certain dislocated joints, close wounds, and more)

Our two day/12+ hour course is a nationally accepted certification course fro the American Safety & Health Institute- the world's largest private EMS training provider. 

Learn techniques such as;

*Cleaning, dressing, closing, and packing wounds
*Splinting and aligning broken/injured limbs
*Assessing a patient for spinal injuries
*Identifying and treating environmental exposure in remote settings
*Handling medical emergencies in remote locations(non trauma i.e; heart attack, allergic reaction, etc)
*Treating venomous nsect bites
*Assessing and treating burns in the field
*Much More!

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$135 per person

Upon registering you will receive a link to download all course info; gear list, start times, Addresses, etc.

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2019 Schedule & Location

April 27-28

June 8-9

Aug 24-25

2020 Dates TBA Soon

Monrovia Canyon Park
1200 Canyon Park rd Monrovia, Ca

What To Bring



Pen or pencil


*Consider sunblock

Please check the weather and dress appropriately, no sandals or flip flops please

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