"To my knowledge there is no other school survival school in the nation that compares to STSC. As a student and a teacher myself I can always appreciate finding someone who actually knows something and can back it up with experience and intelligence."

-Richel H., Alumni, Public Yelp Review



Course Overview: Apothecary, Healing With Wild Plants

"Apothecary" is an ancient term for those who produce healing remedies from raw materials. In times of old, local healers would go to the apothecary to obtain the healing "potions" they give to their patients. This course takes you far beyond theory and deep into the world of plant processing. We will turn natural plants, oils, waxes, and more into a wide array of healing potions. You will make your own natural remedies and take them home at the end of the course.

During this hands on course you will:

*Make your own healing balm/lotion

*Make a medicinal poultice/plaster

*Brew a medicinal tea

*Make a disinfecting rinse (oral and wounds)

*Learn to harvest and "cure" wild herbs aka "wildcrafting"

This course is essential if you wish to beyond survival and learn to live off of the land...

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$135 per person


2018 Schedule & Location


April 15  

June 10  

September 9


Our Corporate Offices at:

16755 Von Karman ave Suite #200

Irvine, Ca

What To Bring
Lunch, Drinking Water

What To Bring

H2O Bottle, Lunch & Snacks For The Day


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