"I felt fortunate to be placed in such company with so much experience, knowledge, skills and know-how. The school motto "Knowledge, equals power, equals freedom" is spot on."

-Richel H., Alumni, Public Yelp Review



Course Overview: WIld Plant Identification & Uses

Learn to identify, harvest, and process wild plants for food, medicine, and utility purposes.

During this hands on course you will:

*Learn to harvest and "cure" wild herbs aka "wildcrafting"

*Learn to identify wild useful plants that can be found around the globe

*Learn to make cordage(string/rope) from wild plants,

*Identify and taste wild edible plants

*Identify wild medicinal plants

*Learn plants that are useful in a survival situation

*And much more!




$105 per person


2018 Schedule & Location

June 9  

Monrovia Canyon Park, 1200 N Canyon rd Monrovia, Ca

What To Bring

H2O Bottle, Lunch/Snacks for the day if desired

Upon registering you will receive a link to download all course info; gear list, start times, Addresses, etc.

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