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-Director of Psychological Services, Stanford University, Vaden Health Center


Establishing The Fundamentals: Course Overview

Get hands on and test yourself during this single day training intensive. We developed this course to; introduce the public (persons of all ages and physical abilities) to critical survival skills, and give students to their first taste of field training. If you are looking to become more independent, competent, and safe in the outdoors, then we want to give you a good start and get you on track. On this course you get hands on training with: 


*Fire making: Go primitive and try your hand at making a fire with sticks, as well as with emergency fire making equipment. Learn to make a fire in ANY weather- wet or dry. 

*Water purification: Learn "gearless" water purification as well as common purification and treatment measures.


*Shelter: Construct an all weather survival shelter.

*Emergency signals: Learn improvised as well as emergency signaling methods for getting rescue fast.

*Exposure: Learn to identify and treat hypo/hyperthermia in the field. Exposure is the #1 killer in an outdoor survival situation.

*Review the most common outdoor emergencies and learn how to avoid them. Learn to not make the "easy" mistakes.

*Readiness: Learn how to prepare an emergency kit for the most common emergencies encountered in the field. 


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Gear To Bring:

  Your favorite pocket knife and a lunch. A camera and notebook are highly recommended.

2018 Schedule

Monrovia Canyon Park

1200 N. Canyon blvd

Monrovia, Ca


April 28

 May 26

 June 30

August 25

September 29

November 24

As with all of our courses, this is 100% hands on and packed with knowledge. Come find out how much you can learn in one amazing day. 

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