“The instruction during your course was extraordinary. You exceeded all expectations as a survival instructor... and earned the respect of the Marines.”

-J.J. Carroll Jr, Commanding Officer, USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center"

Established 2008. Providing world class instruction for over a decade.



 Unlike most "survival themed" schools our training prepares the general public for actual outdoor emergencies. Though we believe our courses are very fun- they are not the simply "role playing" style entertainment experiences you find elsewhere, which have little to do with reality. Perhaps this is why the most elite individuals organizations in the world chose us. 

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Our Courses

You've looked around. You've seen websites almost identical to ours, even courses with names just like ours. Simply put; this is because as California’s premier survival school we set the standard for the industry. We offer 15+ regularly occurring courses in a wide range of skills, as wells as custom/private courses for individuals and organizations alike. We work with all ages, capabilities, and body types. We like to say we are the experts at making you the expert.

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