1rst, please click on the waiver link to print your liability waiver. Please bring the signed waiver to the course.



2nd, please click on your course handout to print and have available for training session with us. You may also use a mobile device such as a phone or tablet-instead of a printed sheet- if you so choose (be sure it is downloaded prior however, as you may not have reception at our training sites). 

If you do not see your course listed, there is no electronic handout for the course and materials will be distributed onsite.


Handout For All Survival Skills & Field Courses    

Map & Compass Handout

Apothecary Handout

Course materials for tactical & medical courses are handed out on site


Last, please click on your course link to download your info sheet. It contains driving directions, start times, gear lists, and more.

Apothecary & Urban Disaster New Location

USSD Irvine

9 Hubble

Irvine, Ca 92618

Nor Cal Skills Certification (3 Day)

Redwood Glenn Camp & Conference Center

100 Wright Drive, Loma Mar, CA 94021

Basic Survival Certification Course 

Northern California Basic Survival Certification Course                    

2 Day Critical Skills Course

1 Day Critical Skills Course

Northern California 2 Day Critical Skills Course

Map & Compass

7 Day X Climate                                                                

Urban Movement                                                          

Alaska Field Course                                                         

Alaska Skills Course


Wild Plant Identification Course  

Urban Disaster Preparedness

Travel Safe Seminar

Primitive Traps & Tracking

Weekend Field Course

Wilderness First Aid    

Bushcraft Family Weekend